Why Not Add Gemstones to Your Custom Engagement Ring Salt Lake City

When you think of an engagment ring, your mind goes right to diamonds, and not just regular diamonds but big ones, the bigger the better right? Well sometimes that can be the case, but what if you added to a regular sized diamond and created something even more spectacular and specialized for your partner? Gemstones are the perfect way to incorporate a touch of personality and highlight the diamond as well. Although diamonds fall under the umbrella term of gemstones, we tend to not think of them as what they actually: a precious gemstone. As a woman in a relationship, my head is full of ideas of what I want my future engagement ring to look like. And of course, I want a nice diamond

Cushion Cut Emerald Ring

on my finger but to me, what would make it more special is having that personalized pick of beautiful gemstones to show off as well. One great thing about the option of adding gemstones is the ability to incorporate something personable about your partner, with coordinating it to their gemstone month (month that they were born). There’s more than one way you can incorporate gemstones into your engagement ring: having the gemstones be tiny accents around the diamond or having a large gemstone as the centerpiece and have tiny diamonds to accent the gemstone. The different cuts and designs are endless, from the cuts of the diamonds or stones, princess cut to cushion cut or the types of gemstones like emerald, ruby, tanzanite, and sapphire.

Jackie Kennedy with an Emerald and Diamond Ring

Now if you’re liking the idea of having a larger gemstone as the center piece rather than a diamond, there are plenty of high end options to give you that “elegant” look. Some of these stones include pearls, pink and blue diamonds, and jadeite. Full disclosure, the gems I just mentioned could be well over your budget and hard to find due to their rarity, but hey, a girl can dream right?

At the end of the day I won’t be able to convince you to change up your traditional diamond ring and I’m not trying to. I wish to show that there are ways to create more of an experience and story within the ring itself. Many people do not view gemstones as an elegant and luxurious piece of jewlery but that is because of the stigma that has been created around the idea that it must be a diamond in order to be a formal romantic jesture. That is not the case as gemstone rings have been around for hundreds of years and are very popular among royalty.

Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Ring also worn by Princess Diana

I want to lessen the stigma around the “diamond” idea and show that other gemstones are just as capable of capturing the pure love and devotion you have towards your partner. For me, adding that flare creates a unique jewlery piece, specific for you and it is also a rarity in engagement rings. You shouldn’t be afraid of others not thinking highly of your ring just because it doesn’t have a huge diamond, besides for all you know that could be just a cubic zirconia in theirs.