Unique Engagement Rings Salt Lake City

 Unique is Now Timeless For Engagement Rings

When it comes to the perfect engagement ring you want it to ensure it is meaningful and special to you and your significant others love for each other. With the 2019 trends of unique rings and making them one of a kind, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here at Steadman’s Fine Jewelry, we’ve been creating unique engagement rings for over four generations right here in the heart of Salt Lake City. With the help of Steadman’s Fine Jewelry we have a wide variety of engagement ring options to choose from and can assist YOU in curating the perfect ring for your special moment.

When it comes to creating a unique ring there are three things to consider; the stone, the shape and the band or setting.

The Stone: Most of the time when you think of engagement rings you think of the classic diamond, but that is not what we are trying to achieve with unique. Here at Steadman’s we take it up a notch and can apply any type of stone you wish. Stones include birthstones, gemstones, and pearls. With a birthstone it is very personal to the person you are proposing to since it represent the month in which they are born. There are many different gemstones that people find beautiful and these can also be used for a perfect, yet unique engagement ring. Finally, pearls are also a timeless way to express your love. We can use fresh water pearls that come in an array of offbeat colors. With the variety of stones you can choose from you are bound to find the perfect stone for your perfect ring.

Engagement Ring with an Aquamarine Stone

The Shape: Some brides want to have that wow factor by having a distinct shaped ring that not many others have. There are many different shapes and cuts when it comes to engagement rings. Many of the classics include round, oval and princess (square). There are some more unique shapes you can incorporate into your engagement ring like a half moon, different geometric shapes and then clusters. To explore more ideas for different and unconventional shaped engagement rings there are 35 listed here. Whether you take a spin on a classic shape or are in search for the most obscure shape out there, we can find or make a shape meaningful to you and your personal style.

Half Moon Shape Ring

The Band/Setting: When it comes to the band of your ring you can pick which metal you want it to be made out of and either a simple or complex band shape. We are going to focus on making all of those aspects come to life here at Steadman’s. We have many different metals your engagement band can be composed of. Our most popular metal that is used is platinum due to its sheen and hardness, but other metals include; white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver. A full list of distinct metals can be seen here. Currently, most engagement ring settings either fall into the solitaire, halo or pave category. The difference between these three ring settings follows; a stand alone stone, a circle of stones or gems around the main stone and then stone or gem accents set closely together with minimal visibility to have the illusion of one of continuous sparkle. Some of the more unique settings include a twist, swirl or antique/vintage. By including a twist, swirl or antique setting it will take a bit longer to curate since we want to make sure that the main stone is securely set in place and will last a lifetime.

Twisted Band on Diamond Engagement Ring

No need to stick with the classic engagement ring. We understand that this is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime moment and want to ensure that it is something special. Whether your future ring may consist of different types of stones, obscure shapes or a twist on a classic setting, Steadman’s Fine Jewelers is here to take care of you. We can’t wait to be apart of your special moment in the near future. Thank you for your support and business.