Unique Engagement Rings for the Salt Lake City Bride

Each relationship is unique – your engagement ring should be, too. A bride should never have to see a ring on somebody else’s finger that’s exactly like hers. It’s like showing up to an event and seeing the same dress on someone else – yikes! Ensure she feels original and special by looking for these unique engagement ring characteristics. These are sure to reflect your one-of-a-kind relationship, and your one-of-a-kind partner.


Unique Engagement Rings

Looking for something unique but don’t quite want to give up the classic diamond? The diamond is, in fact, the strongest and one of the highest quality gemstones to choose from, meaning they are scratch-proof and make for a great wedding ring stone. However, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional white diamond ring – try black, pink, or yellow diamonds. Black diamond engagement rings are particularly unique as their dark color is easily and elegantly differentiated from the common white diamond ring. Rose gold engagement rings or pink diamond engagement rings are also chic alternatives to the white diamond. They can be found in shades from light blush to deep rose, and offer a very feminine look. Yellow gold engagement rings are also a fabulous option, and can speak to the playfulness of the woman wearing the ring. Whichever color diamond you choose, your engagement ring will be original to your partner and represent a piece of their personality, something they can’t help but say “yes” to!


Diamond Flower Engagement Ring

If your partner wants a white diamond ring but craves something a little different, a unique shape may be the way to go. Unique shapes offer creativity and originality without straying too far from the classic diamond engagement ring. Diamond flower rings, zig-zag rings, or even pear shaped diamond rings are all classy alternatives to the most common of engagement jewelry. You can even try opting for a vintage wedding ring or an engraved ring, as customized rings allow for the most accurate reflection of your relationship in a piece of jewelry. Try adding initials, an abbreviation of a phrase, or the date you first met. Unique shapes or customizations are the perfect way to make your partner never want to look away from their original, thoughtful, completely personal wedding ring. 


Sapphire Engagement Ring

Break away from the engagement ring comfort zone! Gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, pearl, or opal can look just as elegant as the classic diamond. These gemstones have the ability to set your partner’s ring apart from others as they draw attention with their rich colors and stand out from the common white diamond wedding ring. Gemstone rings can also be adapted to look more vintage or modern, depending on the bride’s preferred style. An added bonus: these gemstones are more rare than diamonds and each have unique meanings. Opal engagement rings symbolize passion and confidence, while sapphire engagement rings represent honesty and loyalty, and emerald engagement rings symbolize happiness and success in a marriage. And if you’re looking for something even more romantic, ruby engagement rings are known as the ultimate symbol of passion and love. These diamond alternative engagement rings allow you to match your ring to the most important qualities of your relationship, making for very special, unique wedding rings.

Take these unique characteristics into consideration when you begin your search for the perfect engagement ring. They will surprise and delight your partner, and they have the ability to capture your relationship or their personality in one important piece of jewelry – the most important piece of jewelry they will ever be proud to own.