Name Engraved Custom Rings in Salt Lake City

Custom engraved rings are an incredibly personal way for someone to add the perfect touch to a piece of jewelry, whether they are looking for engraved rings for her or engraved rings for him. When seeking a place to go for custom rings, it is important to chose a place with a lot of experience in creating personalized engraved rings, for a high quality engraved ring will last a lifetime. Whether you are interested in a name engraved ring, or some kind of engraved promise ring, it can be a daunting task to seek out the information you need to make the best decision possible when it comes to having a ring created. Thankfully, places like Farr’s Jewelry have experienced professionals in their shop during all business hours, custom engraving rings and also fixing damaged rings. There can be a great deal of weight taken off the shoulders of a custom ring shopper when they hear that all of the work on a ring is done in house, without any outsourcing. Places such as Farr’s and other non-outsourcing, in-house custom jewelry shops invest in the highest quality in tools for creating rings with names on them.


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So what is ring engraving, and how can it be done? The phrase engraving makes the process sound as if there is a portion of the ring being taken away by the process of inscribing a name on a ring. This is not the case, however. Laser engraving can be better described as laser burning, for none of the material on the pre-existing ring is taken away. Rather, the surface is only burned by the laser equipment to allow a message to be seen on the surface of the ring. This may lead one to wonder whether or not the burned message engraved on the ring will ever scratch off during normal use. The most simple answer is: it depends. While some metals are harder than others, the durability and resistance to scratching of the engraved message will solely depend on the material in which it was engraved on. Although most wouldn’t ever consider creating a personalized aluminum ring, it can be said that any message engraved on aluminum would be far more likely to tarnish throughout the years than it would on tungsten for example.


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Nearly every kind of ring can be laser engraved to show a personal message. Some examples may include: engagement rings, custom wedding rings, promise rings and wedding bands. By the hands of an experienced jeweler, anyone can have a ring made personal, no matter the material of the ring. After the laser engraving process, one can expect the message or phrase on the ring to stand out against the color of the rest of the ring, for engraving the material will result in a darker color than the original material. Even though many people would only consider having an engagement ring, wedding ring, promise ring or wedding band engraved, it is good for prospective shoppers to understand that quality engraving doesn’t have to come with an enormous price tag. There are hundreds, if not thousands of jewelers all around the country that can engrave a ring recently purchased from their store, but there are also many, many jewelry retouching and repair shops, such as Farr’s, that will allow someone to bring in a previously owned ring for customization. This allows for people to give the gift of customized jewelry on several occasions throughout their lifetime. Experiences, memories and future promises can all be eternalized by way of engraving a personal message on a ring for a loved one.

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