Mother’s Ring Ideas

When looking for a special gift for your mother or grandmother, a mother’s ring may be the way to go. It’s a custom ring that shows off the children or grandchildren of that family. And is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. The exciting part about a mother’s ring is there is no specific way to make one. It all depends on the individual it is being made for and what they prefer. But to start here are a few mother’s ring ideas are:


A common mothers ring style includes all the birthstones of the children or grandchildren. The birthstones are set in the band in no particular order. It can be done by age or what birthstones will look best next to one another. The stones can also be different shapes which adds small touches. Another idea with this mother’s ring style is adding a slightly larger birthstone of the mother. With the smaller stones around the larger it gives a sense of connection to family.

Engraved Rings

 stacked mother's ring

A unique mother’s ring would be one with the names of the children engraved on the band. Engraved rings are simple which is perfect for someone who does not care for jewels.  And if there are not very many children a stacked mother’s ring could be a great idea. Each name would be on its own ring which then stack on top of one another. The mother can then decide which order to stack the rings in which leads to a personalized mother’s ring.


Engraved Rings with Birthstones 

The last mother’s ring style is one that combines both engraved rings and the children’s birthstones. Normally, the name and the birthstone are next to each other. That way it is easy to associate which ones go together. The only downside to this custom mother’s ring is the price. It may be expensive due to the names being engraved on the band and each birthstone.



Once you know the mother’s ring style then the real personalization can begin. With the birthstones, you will have to figure out each stone based on the birth month of the children. Most jewelers will know this already but seeing the colors can help decide how they will sit on the band. This can be important because some colors may not look good together and some children can have the same birthstone. The engraved ring is simpler because all that needs to be decided is the font of the names and if it will be stacked mother’s rings or not. No matter which mother’s ring you decide to go with it will be a special gift that any mother would be lucky to have.