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4 Quick Tips to help improve your Engagement Ring Photos

Congrats! They finally popped the question! Now, before you start posting all the Instagram photos of your gorgeous new engagement ring, here are some tips to help make your engagement ring photos unique and as interesting as possible.

The following tips are coming directly from a Wedding Photographer with over 5 years experience, and one of the leading wedding planning websites in the industry to help ensure you take the best engagement ring photos possible. By utilizing these tips you will quickly and easily improve your photos all while impressing all of your followers.

Tip #1 – Include Your Special Someone

One of the quickest and easiest ways to really make your engagement ring photos pop is to include your special someone. This is such an easy and awesome way to make impressive engagement ring photos different from the basic shot of your hand, and after all, isn’t it the two of you together that this is all about? For example, you could place your hand out towards the camera while you kiss your significant other. To improve this pose even further try to use the Iphone’s portrait mode (if you have it) to add a slight blur to you two and pull the focus towards your ring. Another pose is to have your significant other kiss your hand while showing off the ring. Check out this example.

Couples Engagement Ring Photo

Tip #2 Make Sure Your Nails Are Done

This is a bit more of an obvious one but is often overlooked and likely the fastest way to downgrade the beauty of your engagement ring photo is to have boring or unclean nails. This simple tip will only help add to the artistry of your engagement ring photo. The Bride in the photo below had a heart painted onto her nails for added interest.

Engagement Ring Photo with clean nails

Tip #3 Use A Prop

Another easy way to make your Engagement Ring Photos different from every other Instagram Ring Photo is to include a prop. During the wedding day, I often like to use the Bouquet for an easy yet elegant Engagement Ring Photo. But let’s say your special someone proposed to you at Disneyland. In this case, you could place the ring atop a Mickey Mouse Hat for a unique Engagement Ring Photo that is personal to you both. Another example is let’s say you both are big fans of baseball, you could put the ring inside of a baseball mitt, or atop a baseball with your wedding date written on it. The possibilities for adding a prop are endless but are a surefire way to instantly improve your Engagement Ring Photo. The following is a photo in which I placed the engagement ring within the bride’s Bouquet.

Engagement Ring Photo using Bouquet as prop

Tip #4 Incorporate Your Wedding Dress

This final tip is more for during the bridal photo session or on the wedding day. Once you have your dress another uncommon way to photograph your engagement ring is to incorporate it. I use this tip often as it allows the viewer to not only admire your engagement ring but also puts emphasis on you and your wedding dress. The possibilities for this one are virtually limitless. For example, you can grab your arm in front and show the curves and elaborate embroidery of your dress. Another option is to smile down at your ring while holding your veil to show you and your dress, all while pulling the focus towards your gorgeous engagement ring. You could even take a photo of you putting in your earings. Below are a few different shots which I have mentioned.

Engagement ring photo showing bride and wedding dress

Engagement Ring Photo Showing Bride putting on her earring

More Tips

For more tips on improving your engagement ring photos please visit this article from The Knot. To view any of the above photos in full resolution, or to view more of Colton Johnson Photography’s work please visit his website.