Custom Video Game Rings West Valley City

Custom Video Game Rings, West Valley City


Custom Zelda Video Game Rings

Hey there Gamer guys and gals are you ready to get your Game on and become each other’s player one and player two forever. Then let me tell you about Custom Video Game Rings. Here at Steadmans Fine Jewelry we have you covered. We can make any sort of ring that your heart shall desire. From Zelda, Mario, and even the Lord of the Rings. There is no custom jewelry we cannot make for your geeky heart .

Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring

Custom made rings, not cheap knockoffs

Now you’re wondering why you should go to an expensive Custom Ring shop instead of some place like Etsy and get something cheap,Well you could do that if you’re looking for a toy to buy your niece or nephew. This is the love of your life though and you should get them something special, one of a kind, unique like them, and Custom made.


Rings for both Men and Women for any Occasion

Custom Stone Video Game Ring

Here at Steadmans we have Rings for any occasion as well,  whether that be an Engagement ring, Promise ring, or even a Class Ring.  There is no ring we cannot make. we have worked with a lot of different properties of the years such as Zelda, Halo,and even now Fortnite.

Custom Titanium Halo Ring

Variety of materiel Available

We also offer a wide variety of stone and metal for the rings you desire. Don’t worry if you are worry if you need that specific triple sapphire, emerald, ruby ring for your favorite game. if it exist we can make it!