Choosing a Sapphire over a diamond ring in Midvale

Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, promise ring, or a 10 year anniversary ring you’ll want to get something as unique as the love you share with that special someone. For some couples a 10 carat diamond ring is all they have dreamed about, while others are happy with a simple rose gold wedding band. With so many options, how can you choose the right ring for you and your budget? Diamonds are costly and often lack the unique appeal that your relationship encompasses. A sapphire ring could be the perfect option for a unique ring design that doesn’t break the bank and allows for a lot of customization. The modern bride has started making the switch from diamond to sapphire and below are 5 reasons why your next perfect ring purchase should include a sapphire rather than a diamond.

Color Variety

Sapphires stand out from the crowd through the variety of color options they offer. Any color of the rainbow is available for sapphire rings. The most commonly seen option is a blue sapphire, which comes in an array of varieties ranging from sky blue to teal and everything in between. The stones are also popular in the true diamond stone alternative of white or colorless which presents a sparkle that will make you question if it is a diamond. The opportunities for customization with a sapphire ring are endless in their color selection making them the perfect option for someone looking to add a pop of color to their collection.

Colorful sapphire stones

Sapphires come in a rainbow of colors


Diamonds have gotten more and more expensive through the years making diamond engagement rings  not affordable for many couples. So, why are diamonds so expensive? It’s not what you would think. The shimmering stones are not expensive because they are rare, but rather because a group of mining companies want us to think they are rare. Business insider mentions that market manipulation limits the number of diamonds released to market each year and marketing is centered around these stones being worth the price tag.The sapphire price, on the other hand, is much lower making them a cheaper diamond alternative while boasting nearly the same sparkle and shine without the manipulation and monopolization that the diamond industry brings.


Sapphires are the best diamond alternative with the quality of the stone being almost matched to that of the diamond. Sapphires have a 9 rating on the hardness scale, which shows that the stone can stand the test of time against diamonds 10 rating.  Sapphires are incredibly scratch resistant and strong allowing them to last a lifetime with nearly the same wear and tear of a diamond.  Customization


With sapphire rings the customization is endless. Sapphires come in nearly every color imaginable, allowing your bride to pick the right color for them. They also come in a wide range of designs and ring types that are sure to make anyone fall in love all over again. Sapphires have been a choice of many for years, so they can be formed into classic, timeless designs like shown below.

Blue stone vintage sapphire ring

Vintage Sapphire Ring

They can also take on a more modern approach.

modern sapphire ring example

orange modern sapphire ring

The opportunities for customization with a sapphire stone are endless and leave room for the imagination. A white gold sapphire ring or another band alternative goes well with the stone also to allow for a wide variety of look and color options.

Ethical Diamond Alternative

Known as a “blood diamond”, the popular stone has a dark past in how they have been mined and what they go through to get onto our fingers. Many diamonds are still in the spotlight of being produced from countries of war and hardship where the stone’s profits are known to fund militant groups. Brilliant Earth mentions that diamonds also still are subject to poor, dangerous working conditions for miners in countries like Africa, where these minders gain less than a dollar a day which has caused widespread poverty. Irresponsible mining has also had great environmental impacts. Due to the lack of regulation on diamonds, it is also nearly impossible to track a diamonds origin and whether ethical changes have taken place. On the other hand, The Huffington Post goes into details of the more ethical approach sapphires take. The sapphire stone is mined in small; community ran mines that make it easier to track where the stones are coming from and who the profits are benefiting. The sapphire market is also smaller and easier to monitor with most stones coming from markets with historically safe mining conditions. While the stones still need more regulation, they are above the unethical sourcing of diamonds.