Anniversary Ring Specific to the Year in SLC

Whether you are browsing anniversary rings for her or anniversary rings for him, this is the article for you. Everyone wants to make their special someone glow when they see their anniversary gift each year. If you’re anything like me, it might be stressful for you to find the perfect anniversary gift idea that is unique and meaningful. Thanks to a list provided by Jared (you can see a full version of the list here:  I will serve as your guide to adding meaning to this year’s anniversary ring. This list sorts the anniversary by year and assigns it a precious metal or stone that is perfect for each anniversary.




1st Anniversary Ring – Gold: Nothing suits the 1st anniversary ring like gold. Based on your preference there are a few color options to choose from such as rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. There is also a very broad price range when it comes to gold so you can go as simple or as extravagant as you desire

2nd Anniversary Ring – Garnet: Garnet comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. The most commonly used color is red, which is also known as rhodolite garnet. Its unique color really stands out which makes it perfect for a 2nd anniversary ring.

3rd Anniversary Ring – Pearls: Although they can be fragile, both natural and cultured pearls serve as a beautiful, luminescent centerpiece to a 3rd Anniversary ring. The only difference between natural and cultured is that natural are much more expensive. Cultured are still grown in the same way as natural pearls so they carry the same effect.

4th Anniversary Ring – Blue Topaz: Blue Topaz used to be the rarest type of topaz, but with today’s technology they can turn colorless topaz into a light blue. Throughout history it has been known as being linked to love and affection which would fit a 4th anniversary ring very well.

5th Anniversary Ring – Sapphire: Sapphire has also been referred to as the stone of wisdom and royalty. It ranges in colors like blue, green, yellow, pink, white, and even black. This durable stone would look great in your 5th anniversary ring.

10th Anniversary Ring – Diamond: There’s nothing better than diamonds to celebrate 10 years together. If you’re shopping for a 10th anniversary ring for her, then this is a perfect milestone that grants the occasion to stack wedding bands onto her engagement ring set. Not to mention, who doesn’t love diamonds?

15th Anniversary Ring – Ruby: Rubies are highly sought after all over the world. According to the Mohs Rating Scale for mineral hardness, the ruby rates at a 9 out of 10. This durable gem is a traditionally put in 15th anniversary rings and can symbolize love and passion for many years to come.

20th Anniversary Ring – Emerald: Even though it is considered a hard gem, emeralds have proven to be a little more fragile. Due to their layered composition they should be worn with care. This classic stone is very symbolic for a 20th anniversary ring with its stunning green appearance and iconic look.

25th Anniversary Ring – Silver Jubilee: Silver is a beautiful precious metal that would look amazing on any 25th anniversary ring. It signifies a quarter of a century with each other which deserves to be celebrated. Focus on the silver and make this one meaningful by customizing it specially for your spouse.

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