Stand out from the crowd with a Unique Engagement Ring

Choosing a custom designed ring from Steadman’s Jewelry is a great choice when you are looking for unique engagement rings that will make you and your partner feel special. We offer wedding ring sets and engagement rings in a variety of styles and colors customized to match your personal style and taste. When it comes to custom jewelry it can be hard to chose what is right for you and a bit overwhelming but don’t worry we are here to help! At steadman’s beauty and ease are our top priorities.

How to Begin on a Custom Piece

You’ll start by meeting with one of our professional designers. We can accommodate anyone whether you come in with a design ready to be made or are starting from scratch on a set of rings. Our designer will talk with you for about half an hour to get a feel for your relationship and the type of jewelry you are looking for. This helps us to better establish an idea of your style and what your ideal piece looks like. This time is completely free and non-binding. You will find that our artists are easy to work with and will inspire creativity in you that you didn’t know you had. It really is a fun experience and will add to your joy of being engaged or getting married.

What are the Options

While we offer an endless variety of options when it comes to custom designed jewelry, we do see a few popular choices that we recommend. We generally get a lot of requests for diamond rings however, we can do any kind of stone you are looking for. Diamond engagement rings are a classic piece that most everyone loves but we understand and enjoy differences in taste when it comes to jewelry that you will be wearing everyday. We can also do multiples as long as there is room on the ring. Of course the price will vary but the love is priceless. The most popular setting we see are princess cut engagement rings. This is a style that you cannot go wrong with. It is also easy to build off of a princess cut adding more diamonds on the band or shapes as you would like. We really can do anything you are dreaming of and our artists and designers will help that dream come true. Whether it is a vintage engagement ring you are looking for or a classic princess cut engagement ring we will make sure you are happy with what you get from Steadmans. Some examples of pieces we have done in the past are available here.

See Below for some examples of work we’ve done in the past.

Moving Forward

If you’d like to join us in store to get started on your custom piece of jewelry please contact us to learn more or visit us at 1217 West 4800 South Murray, UT 84123 . We look forward to working with you to create a piece of jewelry that resembles your unique story and relationship!