Princess Cut Engagement Ring Ideas Salt Lake City

Princess Cut for Your Princess

So you finally decided your are going to do it? You are going to propose to your princess and make her your queen. To do so, you need an engagement ring fit for the occasion. At first this can be very overwhelming, for lots of guys it is their first time ever buying a ring. You must have already looked around for ideas on the internet. Maybe you have even been to a few jewelry stores. Well, let me make this simple for you. Would you describe your girlfriend as smart, beautiful, sweet, with a sparkling personality? If so, go to  Steadman’s Fine Jewelry and get your beloved girlfriend a princess cut engagement ring.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Designed in the 1960’s, this cut has recently become the most popular style of engagement rings in recent decades. This relatively new to the market cut of engagement rings will be sure to please your soon to be fiancée. The Princess cut ring is a beautiful square-rectangular shaped diamond that tapers down into an upside down pyramid (pavilion). The princess cut is one of the two most popular styles of ring cuts after the Round cut. The princess cut style is the typical style that comes to mind for most people when picturing an engagement ring.

Size Does Matter and so Does Affordability.

The Princess cut is exceptionally popular for its size. The princess cut makes the diamond look bigger than almost any other cut. Continuing with the size of the cut, this type of cut can use 80% – 90% of a rough diamond. In comparison the round cut can only use roughly 40% of a rough diamond once cut. The fact that the princess cut can use more of the rough diamond also makes it comparatively more affordable than the round cut.

Yellow Gold Princess Cut

Yellow Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Yellow Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The yellow gold princess cut is a timeless look for a classy lady. Yellow gold princess cut rings keep the brilliant shine of the diamond, while embracing the classic ring color of gold. When considering the yellow gold princess cut, it is worth considering how the yellow gold band will compliment or disfavor a person’s skin tone. For more information on how yellow gold will go well with your fiancée’s skin tone, click here.

The yellow gold look is a great variation of the princess cut engagement ring because it adds an extra shine that will make any girl stare at her hand all day long.

Pink Princess Cut

Pink Princess Engagement Ring

Pink Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Another popular variation of the princess cut engagement ring is the Pink Princess Cut ring, which have recently become more popular. This pink princess cut is great for an engagement ring. The pink princess cut is a nice variation that adds color before choosing your wedding ring, which is typically just a clear diamond. With the pink princess cut you can choose how intense you want the pink color to be, creating an ever beautiful princess cut engagement ring. Having a tint, or a color in the diamond does also typically make the engagement ring more affordable. What a great perk, if you are already liking the pink princess cut as your engagement ring of choice.

If I haven’t already swayed you into purchasing a princess cut diamond for your future fiancée, my next recommendation would be to go down to Steadman’s Fine Jewelry and check out the engagement rings for  yourself. At Steadman’s Fine Jewelry they will work with you until you find your perfect size, clarity, color and carat make sure you find the best ring for the best girl.